Best Wishes to Those Moving on from King County School Health

thank-you-1238361Many familiar faces are leaving us this summer and we want to take a moment to recognize the wonderful contributions they have made to our King County School Health system.

Thank you for dedicating your time, your energy, and your hearts to this work, to the students you serve, to the colleagues you support, and to the network you have helped build. We are privileged to have worked with you! We would love to know about your upcoming adventures so keep in touch!

One familiar face in particular will be leaving us after over 13 years in King County School Health: Helen Weems, Nurse Practitioner at Roosevelt Teen Health Center. After a wonderful tenure at Roosevelt, Helen is moving with her family to White Fish, Montana where “we will be living on a small farm, pursuing the American Dream of raising (and eating) our own goats and chickens.” She will continue her work as a nurse practitioner, where she will join a family practice providing family planning and abortions to the women of the Flathead Valley.

And a personal note from Helen: “I invite you all to visit on your way to Glacier Park or White Fish Mountain. Thanks to all of you. You are wonderful people, doing such good, important, meaningful work!”

Thanks to Helen and all the wonderful colleagues who are moving on this year. You will be missed!

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