Upcoming SPS Professional Development Opportunities

Seattle Public Schools’ Community Partnerships Program offers many useful professional development sessions. Registration is now open for their 2016-2017 second semester sessions. Register and get more information about the workshops here.

A few trainings coming up may be of particular interest to school-based health providers and staff. These include:

  • Building Positive School Culture: the Intersection of Social Emotional Learning and Trauma Informed Practice, February 8th, 9am-12pm: Seattle Public Schools is working to build a tiered system of support for students – practices and interventions that set all students up for success, while also providing additional, tailored supports to students who need them. This workshop will cover the intersection of trauma-informed practice and the SPS-adopted social emotional learning curriculum, RULER. Participants will get an understanding of the impact of trauma on the brain and strategies and practices to guide students in self-regulation. Register here.
  • More than a Goal: Strategies to Support Future Orientation in Youth, February 27th, 9:30am-12:30pm: Youth who feel hopeful about the future and identify multiple strategies to achieve their goals experience greater academic success. And yet, setting goals with youth—and encouraging them to believe in their own capacity to follow through—is often more difficult than expected. In this workshop, we’ll identify and practice a network of strategies to influence future orientation in youth, including affirming values, distinguishing between learning and performance goals, and envisioning multiple visions of the future. Register here.
  • Cultural Responsiveness, March 8th, 9:30am-12:30pm: This offering trains professionals to understand the guiding principles of Cultural Competency and Responsiveness: Quality programs respect and are responsive to the diversity of program participants, their families, and community. In this session, we: define terms of power, privilege, equality and equity issues that impact youth; learn the characteristics of inclusive, welcoming, and respectful environments for all youth; begin recognizing best practice behaviors; and discuss ways to incorporate aspects of Cultural Responsiveness into your program. Register here.


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