Taking Care of Others and Ourselves

New Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, Denise Juneau visited the Cleveland Teen Health Center on October 10, 2018 to learn about the great services offered through our system of SBHCs. Read on to learn more about her visit.

Crossposted from Juneau’s Journal.

October 10 marked the world’s observation of Mental Health Day. This year’s global focus was on young people and mental health in a changing world. This is a good reminder to look after our own mental health and to assist peers, families, and educators in supporting young people.

Seattle Public Schools is fortunate to have 25 school-based health centers, thanks in part to support from the City of Seattle and partners like King County Health. Health centers provide comprehensive medical care including mental health supports. Operated by community health agencies, centers are typically staffed with coordinators, nurses, and mental health counselors.

Adolescents are more likely to reach out for mental health support if it is provided in school. I am grateful to all those who invest in student health, providing our young people with the resources they need to be successful, ensuring there is support for each and every student.

I stopped by Cleveland High School’s Health Center earlier this week to learn about the amazing services offered to students and met two student leaders, Xiao and Xue, who steered their school’s HPV prevention campaign. Thanks to their efforts, student vaccinations increased school-wide from 50% to 88%.

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