Kudos to SPS School Nurses’ Immunization Efforts

Crossposted from Seattle Public Schools Health Services December 2019 Newsletter.

Our priority is to make sure schools are safe learning environments for all. On December 16, [2019 SPS joins] other local school districts who have taken bold action to send out exclusion letters to those still out of compliance. Exclusion is set for January 8, 2020. Exclusion means the student cannot attend school until the immunizations records are in compliance. This has been an epic journey for school nurses and [the SPS] central office team. [SPS is] also grateful for support from City school-based health centers, King County Public Health and State Department of Health partners.

Public Health–Seattle & King County public health nurses will offer two Tdap clinics at Whitman Middle School (Dec. 9, 2019) and Jane Addams Middle School (Dec. 13, 2019) to assist many students to get into compliance. Families can also elect to get the MCV and HPV vaccines at this time.

Kaiser Permanente will offer two immunization clinics on December 27 and 30, 2019 located at Aki Kurose Middle School. No insurance or proof of citizenship is required.


[SPS] school nurses have gone to extraordinary efforts to contact families where the student is out of compliance for immunizations. Recently, [SPS] bilingual nurses have contacted families by phone to explain what is needed to get the child’s immunization records in order. Ariana Gonzalez Negron MN RN pictured above, made a customized Spanish language message in the Communications Office sound booth. Robo calls in specific languages will go out in early December 2019. Often families respond quickly to requests for medically verifiable copies of records or getting enrolled to get vaccinated once they understand what is needed.


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