Digital Outreach to Seattle World School Students

Seattle World School supports a unique population of students. Many students speak a primary language other than English and have recently moved to the United States. Established to serve these students and their unique needs, Seattle World School draws residents from all over Seattle. With students and families often not living near the school, this has posed a particular challenge as they continue to provide services during the remote learning period in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One way they are reaching their students is through digital outreach. Below is a video that the Seattle World School’s school-based health center team released. Partners from Neighborhood House (which provides patient navigation services in Spanish and Vietnamese) put this video together and are sharing it through various pathways to connect with students and families.

Kudos to the Seattle World School team for putting this together and bringing creativity and ingenuity to their outreach efforts!

Have you and your SBHC team devised creative ways to reach your students? We’d love to hear about it and feature it on our blog. Tell us more!

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