Free Mental Health Institute Launches October 2022 for Credentialed Providers

Crossposted from the University of Washington (UW) SPIRIT Lab

Through leadership at the SPIRIT Lab at UW, and collaboration with the Washington State Healthcare Authority (HCA) and the Center on Human Development and Disability, UW is launching a Mental Health Institute specifically for WA providers who have an AAC or an MHP-level DOH credential/license.  The purpose of the Mental Health Institute is to train and expand the knowledge base of the behavioral health workforce to increase equity and inclusion for underserved populations in Washington state. 

They have asked partners like Public Health–Seattle & King County to reach out to you specifically because you may also have contacts, colleagues and agencies in WA who might be interested in this content.

Dr. Akansha Vaswani-Bye met with key training leads and speakers to craft 3 tracks and close to 30 sessions this Fall that cover:

Each training track will provide multiple sessions of live teleconference workshops focused on a specific topic area related to the track. The sessions will use interactive teaching strategies like breakout rooms, role plays, audiovisuals, etc. to foster a collaborative learning community. Lived experiences from impacted communities will be highlighted throughout the workshops as a pedagogical strategy. Considerations around diversity, equity, and inclusion and social determinants of health will be addressed in each track.   

People are not required to attend every session within a particular track, and they may register for sessions within any track.   

SPACE IS LIMITED: these will be interactive sessions on camera, and some will include breakout sessions.  

Eligibility:  Washington State attendees who meet the WA Department of Health Mental Health Professional (MHP) definition with an active professional license and/or have an active Agency Affiliated Counselor (AAC) credential.  

Thanks for passing this along!

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