SPS Provides FREE Professional Development for Partners

Did you know that Seattle Public Schools offers great, FREE professional developments for partners working in their schools? This includes school-based health center staff and providers! Their schedule is regularly updated and includes a great variety of topics and training opportunities. Upcoming opportunities in the 2020-21 school year include:

  • Heal the Soil, Heal the Root: Healing Centered Engagement as a Tool for Transformation (Nov. 17)
  • SPS Partners Check-In (Dec. 4)
  • Building a Sustainable School Community Partnership and Program (Dec. 10)
  • More than Being Calm: Exploring Mindfulness and Implicit Bias (Jan. 19)
  • SPS Partners Check-In (Feb. 12)
  • Speak with Purpose: Learning to Encourage, Affirm, and Celebrate Student Voice (Feb. 25)

Learn more and register for these events here. These opportunities are available to all SBHC staff and providers working in Seattle Public Schools.

If you don’t work in Seattle Public Schools, check our the opportunities in your district as well as the opportunities listed on our website through the Washington School-Based Health Alliance.

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