Reaching Students During Remote Learning

During the remote learning period, reaching students has been a challenge for many school-based health centers (SBHCs). In spite of these challenges, school-based health providers have shown their incredible adaptability and creativity to ensure students receive the services they need.

One particular example comes from Antonia Caliboso, LICSW, mental health provider at Cleveland High School SBHC. Antonia created a “virtual office” in place of her on-campus office that sits empty while she provides telehealth services. Here students and families can learn about Antonia and the services the SBHC provides (she even created an intro video!) They can also contact her and get connected to SBHC services.

While Antonia used Google Docs to create her “virtual office,” many other resources exist as well. What tools have you used? How is it going? Together we can learn and grow our approaches to reaching students and families in ways that are meaningful to them—whether we’re in a pandemic or not!

We would love to highlight the creative efforts you and your clinics are using to support youth and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Let us know!

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